ORF-Ski Challenge


Time to win the SuperGiant


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Winter is here and winter sports are about to start again. Ski fans all around the world will welcome this amazing free game that will help them enjoying playing while snow decorates the hills.

ORF Ski Challenge 11 is an amazing free game. Graphics are really good and the gameplay is really addictive. No matter if you like skiing or if you prefer staying at home. This game will trap you.

In ORF Ski Challenge11 you play against the chrono, trying to beat the time, but at the same time you'll be playing with a great community of virtual skiers, Customize your character, color and style of the suit and skis model. Practice your skills and compete against the rest of the community.

Ski at high speed down the hills. The program saves a 'ghost' of your best time and you'll even be able to view repetitions when offline.

In short, this is a really good ski Simulator to challenge thousands of people.
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